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Tassimo Pro Coffee Discs

Tassimo Pro Coffee Discs
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Name: Tassimo Pro Coffee Discs
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Tassimo Professional Discs for the Tassimo Pro machine.  Delicious coffee has the ability to satisfy the most discriminating pallet.   These coffees stand up very well on their own, or combine them using our Tassimo Pro menu system for even more fun creations!

  • Incredible Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Cappuccino and more!
  • Single Cup Coffee Service
  • Not for home use!
  • Delivery in Metro Atlanta, GA only.

Note:  Tassimo Pro discs will not work with Tassimo Home brewers, and vice versa.  Tassimo Professional products are for commercial applications only, and are a part of our single cup coffee service in Atlanta, GA

Due to contractual distribution, our Tassimo Pro products are restricted to customers in Metro Atlanta, GA.  Orders placed outside of Georgia will be not be filled.

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Tassimo Additional Per Unit Quantity
Gevalia Signature House Blend Coffee- 16 Count  
Gevalia 100% Colombian Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia Breakfast Blend Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia Dark Roast Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia French Vanilla Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia DECAF Signature Blend Coffee - 16 Count  
Gevalia Espresso - 16 Count  
Gevalia Carte Noire - 12 Count  

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Product Reviews

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938 out of 1545 people found the following review helpful
Lovin' the Tassimo!, 06 Mar 2014
by Leslie Swords from Georgia United States

Since we transitioned to the Tassimo system, our break room buzzes all day. We love to start the morning with the breakfast, espresso and colombian blends. In the afternoon, our whole office smells wonderful from the aromas of vanilla and hazelnut coffee. The machine is cleaned and serviced each time we receive a delivery. This system is great!

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776 out of 1496 people found the following review helpful
Tassismo Columbian, 10 Jan 2012
by Shannon Stribos from Georgia United States

One of the best tasting single brewers on the market. We switched to Tassimo from another single cup brewer and have never been happier. Our office has stopped going on Starbucks runs since the office coffee is now of comparable quality but for much less time and money. Great product since we have moved to Tassimo two of our employees have bought home Tassimo units as well.

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751 out of 1419 people found the following review helpful
Tassimo Pro, 09 Jan 2012
by Christine James from Georgia United States

We have used various coffee machines in our office. We have now been using The Tassimo Pro a little over an year. We love the machine and the products. We even have a little cheat sheet where we can make different variety of coffee drinks (Plain Coffee, Latte's, etc.).

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