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Seattle's Pier 70 Blend Office Coffee. This coffee has all of the attributes of a Seattle's Best Coffee. Balanced, smooth, full-favored cup of coffee Low-bodied flavor has a slight aroma of cocoa and lively acidity. 18 Individually sealed packages. 2.0 oz of wonderful Seattle's Best Pier 70 Blend coffee per package. Roast Level = Light Each package makes one perfect pot. Packaged for Office Coffee Service .....
Monin - Flavored Syrups. A delicious way to add flavor and sweetness to your cold beverages. There are only 22 calories in each serving. Many great flavors to choose from. Monin - Flavored Syrups. 1 Liter Bottle.  A delicious way to add flavor to your tea, water, soda and coffee. No Artificial Ingredients and all natural flavors. Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Calorie and GMO Free Pumps Sold Separately       .....
Monin - Sugar Free Flavored Syrups. A delicious sugar-free way to add flavor to your favorite cold beverages. All syrups have no sugar or calories, perfect for calorie-conscious lifestyles. Many great flavors to choose from. Monin - Sugar Free Flavored Coffee Syrups. 1 Liter Bottle Sweetened with Splenda Gluten Free, Vegan, and GMO Free Pumps required, not included .....